Friday, April 20, 2012

Joan's Carrots On Sale

New spot illustration for the media column in the Chicago Reader.  I had less than a day turnaround for this one. The article discusses the new state of media and marketing compared to those of the past.

With the current state of media, things can become an overnight international sensation.  "Fame hasn’t spread so swiftly since the early 15th century, when Joan of Arc was an anonymous peasant one day and leader of the French army against the English approximately the next."  "May I think of it this way? Joan of Arc was burned at the stake to the applause of priests who found it intolerable that anyone, much less a teenage girl, could claim to be speaking directly with God. If tomorrow our heretical grocer is not only peddling his carrots on the internet but directly entertaining his customer base with a brief discourse on root crops —well, the daily paper he no longer needs will be in no position to put him to the torch."

Read the full article here.

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