Monday, July 28, 2008

Muddy Waters

This is my piece for Robin Eley and Scott Anderson's assignment to do a portrait for Rolling Stone of somebody with the letter that was given to us. I got the letter M, which has too many options, but I chose to do Muddy Waters because he is great. I tried to depict him as the father of Chicago blues, who brought delta blues to the city and turned it electric.


Geary Day said...

i like this piece a lot man..everything works well throughout the whole complaints here!

Jeff Love said...

So good. So good.

Raven Herrera said...

Yeah i love this piece, maybe ur most successful one todate, also meganck might have good news for u:)

Francis Vallejo said...

I loved this piece man! Great to meet you this summer. Hopefully cya next summer too.

M said...

there's such great feeling and colors to this piece.

I thought you were a girl because of your name, hehe.

Leslie Herman said...

yeah, I often get that, but thanks for the kind words everyone

trey said...

yeah man both this piece and the orange runner piece were my favorites of the academy. take care.


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