Wednesday, October 22, 2008


This is a poster that I just finished for the band Man Man coming to the National. Everyone should definately check it out because it is going to be killer. They are easily one of my favorite acts that I have seen perform and it is unlike anything else you will ever madness. I think I was inspired on this piece by this painting hanging in my bedroom that I brought from an old hippy that lives in a van on Venice Beach. He is awesome, this is the second painting that I bought from him. It was done on a potato sack...bad ass! And below that are a few sketches that I scanned in a little while ago. More to come.


Vikki Chu said...

yeah, man man! i've seen them twice and both times have been amazing. so much energy you just wanna, i don't even know.. go nuts. this poster is amazing. and certainly feels like them.

Cin said...

the poster is awesome, the sketchbook pages wonderful, thanks for letting me peek inside, fun and inspiring!

Jeff Love said...

Awesome poster. Stupid Man Man.

Jasmin Mora said...

dude. that man man poster is really wonderful. i want to see it in real life.

Bombproof said...

love it, want it. Thanks so much for the ticket man! that show was awesome!!

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