Friday, March 27, 2009

The Darjeeling Ltd.

I am completely in love with this movie. I can watch it over and over. It has so much amazing imagery and I had to dedicate some paint to it. Also, some really fun people to draw.


Jeff Love said...

Awesome. I love this movie, and now I love this painting.

c. bridges said...

excellent likenesses! great painting, definitely captures the feel of the movie.

Annika said...

great stuff Leslie! love the colors & the abstract elements especially the front guys shoulder area.

Richie Pope said...

Yeeaaaaa! That's all I have to say. If I had money, I'd buy this from you...and pay you with a copy of the movie.

gumkid said...

hey!, wow, i love it, has a very pleasant feeling to it

Jeremy Enecio said...

man this is awesome! love the abstraction in the faces, and you definitely captured the charm of the movie in your colors.

April S said...

I completely agree - the imagery in that movie is addictive.

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