Tuesday, May 26, 2009


This is a front and back mock-up book cover to David Grann's The Lost City of Z. The book is about Grann's search to uncover the mystery of Percy Fawcett, the last great Victorian explorer who fell in love with the Amazon and became obsessed with his search for a supposed "city of gold". Fawcett eventually disappeared into the jungle and was never heard of again. The concept for this piece was a sort of before and after portrait of the explorer.


Jeff Love said...

Like I said yesterday: shock and awe. This piece rocks!

Duncan Robertson said...

I told you before man, I love this piece! Its solid.

Trey. said...

yeah rocking, the pencil is great

Jasmin Mora said...

dude. i love this.

Park Illustration said...


Duncan Barton said...

Hey Leslie, I'm loving the recent work, the portrait of Aimee Argote is awesome too- nice colors and shapes.

Anonymous said...

That is STUNNING! I'm reading the book right now and that's such a fabulous image to go with the words.

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