Sunday, August 17, 2008

Another piece from the Academy

I don't know how I feel about this one so feel free to comment or critique it.


gumkid said...

hey man, nice piece, pretty well drawn. But i think you need some really hard edges in teh faces, some more confident sargent strokes it it makes any sense. ei bro

Raven Herrera said...

I remember this! I see will clearly but whose the guy in front?

Kenny Callicutt said...

Hey man. Some good color going on, watch the shadows getting a little muddy. going from such warm lights to such super cold shadow. A cool shadow doesn't necessarily mean use a cold color.. just a cooler version of the warm light. The biggest thing I see, and its kindve an issue with most of your paintings Ive looked at. They could really benefit from more edge control. The only actual hard edge I see is the side of the front figures face. For example. if the blue bandanna draped around his throat had a nice hard edge on the top of it painted into his neck that would more clearly explain that the bandanna is in front of his neck, where you have two soft fuzzy strokes butting up against each other. ..Other than that like shawn said about sargent.. following the form with your strokes.

Sorry if this seems a bit rough. Just pointing out the same things I used to and still frequently do struggle with.

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