Saturday, January 3, 2009

For the kids

Here are a few pieces that I did over this past semester that are directed to a younger audience. The first piece was intended for a non-denominational holiday/winter calendar. The second two were a mock up spread and spot illustration for a dark spin on the Hansel a Gretel Tale. Comments and crits are always welcome.


Will said...

BEEAAST. really got something going on, style wise, as we all know, with these. I think you should keep the size range of your pieces around the size of the ManMan piece to the fishing bigfoot piece. good to run in to you on new years man!

Vikki Chu said...

These are fantastic pieces. and so funny, too. i laughed out loud when I first saw the calendar piece in class. Laughed in a good way

Raven Herrera said...

Yeah I totally agree with vikki and will, these are really goin somewhere with the stylization, but they're totally funny haha and funny weird:P

Oliver Dominguez said...

Sup man, hows it going? To answer you, I got really lucky, i sent emails 6 month earlier to 30 companies and that one company email me back, because the art director told me that his own work remind him of mind. Something like that. You just got to email companies and send out post cards and etc.. every other week man. Nice work man, love all the sketch book work, its freaking awesome!!



Nissa said...

the one with the dude from where the wild things are.. like a nightmare, love the perspective and color. lookin good.nissa

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