Wednesday, February 4, 2009

This is a Long Drive for Someone with Nothing to Think About

Isaac Brock, from the band Modest Mouse definitely has something to think about, so he writes it down, sings it as loud as possible, and bangs the hell out of his guitar. Check out some of their older music because there is nothing better in the universe. Follow these links
This is one of their many songs about long distance driving.


Will said...

Really dig this piece man. lots of energy, love the videos too.

Richie Pope said...

I like how this turned out. The adjustment of the smoke really brings it together.

TREY BRYAN said...

yeah man, pretty cool, i even like the dick shaped stickshift.

-trey b.

gumkid said...

looks great man

- said...

The green worked out like a charm, man. The bottles are particularly bangin', and the spaces draw you in. Great work!

Anonymous said...

you should wear more smiles leslie, they look so pretty on you

TREY BRYAN said...

everytime I click on your page, I see this dudes face and just laugh, hes so creepy.

-trey b.

Kyle McCullough said...

Sweet piece man. Your right, there is nothing better than old modest mouse.


gumkid said...

thanks brody, what u been up to

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