Thursday, December 3, 2009

fight the white 1.6 (europe 09)


This is one of the most surreal, laid back and interesting cities that I can imagine.

Our typical day:
The guy on the left gets us drunk for breakfast, we eat free tapas, siesta no matter where we are at the time, look at unfathomably intricate Islamic architecture, climb a mountain covered in roses and olive trees, dance and drink red wine in designated and un-designated public areas, eat falafel in the middle of the night on the ground in a cobblestone alley with homeless people and their dogs while the guy on the right sings Bob Dylan for us (thank goodness).  Perfect...

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Tatjana said...

Isn't 14 o'clock 2 in the afternoon?
That piece is amazing. I had forgotten what a telent you are.

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