Sunday, December 13, 2009

fight the white 1.7 (europe 09)

Two hosts on the trip, Fran from Granada and Leo from Switzerland(left page).  Thanks friends!
The man on the right was a super creep.  He followed us around the bus station and would pop up next to us when we were trying to sleep in the worse place possible.  He would then sit across from me and stare while giggling, biting and spitting out his fingernails and listening to a cassette player.  We couldn't get away from this weirdo until i gave up trying to sleep and decided to draw him.  I stared him down and we never saw him again. (I did see somebody that looked exactly like him about a month later in another bus station and I'm trying to tell myself it wasn't him)  Fighting creepy with creepy. 
sorry for the internet


Anonymous said...

I like your story. Now I know what to do if I want someone to go away :p

Richie Pope said...

Loving these sketches so far man! Keep it up!

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